The Canada Lynx

The Canada Lynx is one of my favourite animals to photograph, these cats can survive extremely cold winters they got big feet like snowshoes to help them walk on top of the deep snow, and they are excellent hunters with good eyesite and hearing.   

they got feet like snowshoes to help them walk on the snow

The best time of year to photograph Lynx is at the end of February all the way through March, this is when the Lynx start mating and you can find them moving around more in the bush.

Excellent Eyesight

When I’m out looking for Lynx i usually head out to the boreal forest, the first thing I look for is tracks, if there’s lots of rabbits in the area you will probably find a Lynx hanging around. The Snowshoe hare is the number one food for the Canada Lynx.

Lynx Tracks

If you’re wondering what lenses I use for photographing Lynx, I like using a telephoto zoom lens, I find that the Sigma 150-500mm works great! I even get sharp images when I’m fully extend at 500mm and the lens ain’t that bulky, fits in my bag nicely I mostly use this lens on my Nikon D7100. All the images on this post I have photographed using this gear. Enjoy!!

Sigma 150-500 at 500mm 1/1,000 sec at f8




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