Canada Lynx Encounter

A few years ago I was out exploring some back roads looking for wildlife to photograph near my hometown of Fort nelson B.C. When I saw this lynx he was way out on a snow covered pond, I usually see a few lynx every year but most of them always run by the time I pick up my camera, so I told my self I am not gonna let this one get away.

Nikon D7100, sigma 1500-500mm lens, 1/800 sec at f6,

I parked my truck on the side of the road and grab my camera bag full of gear and started walking through the deep snow I stopped about a 150 yards away from the lynx and started taking some photos. The lynx had his head buried under the snow hunting mice so he never saw me walking up. The camera I was using at the time was a Nikon D7100 with a 150-500 sigma telephoto zoom lens that gets me in close for a perfect shot.


Nikon D7100, sigma 150-500mm lens, 1/100sec at f8,
I took about ten photos, then all of a sudden the lynx sticks his nose in the air and looks right at me and lets out this creepy call, if you never heard a lynx call before it sounds nothing like a cat its pretty freaky.


Nikon D7100, sigma 150-500mm lens, 1/100sec at f8,
So I grab my gear and start walking back to my truck the snow was up to my knees and I was having a hard time moving. As I look back I see the lynx sneaking towards me like he,s hunting a rabbit so i start getting a bit nervous, I had lots of lynx walk up to me before in the wild, but this one was stalking me. I thought I was getting chased by a zombie by the sounds he was making, I never heard a call like that in my life, I finally make it back to my vehicle and the lynx encounter was over.

Nikon D7100, sigma 150-500mm lens, 1/500 sec at f6,
The first thing I did when I got in my truck was google lynx call on my phone and I found out it was some kind of mating call, he must’ve thought I was a lynx, or maybe he thought i smelled good i did have old spice deodorant on lol. This is one lynx encounter i will never forget. Enjoy!  Canada Lynx Call You Tube

Chris Gale




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